Flame Towers

The Flame Towers, with an eye-catching modern appearance, is considered to be the symbol of Azerbaijan. 

Some of the materials used in the interior construction of these stunning buildings were provided by Diler Inshaat CJC. 

The Flame Towers is the tallest skyscraper in Baku, Azerbaijan with a height of 190 m. It is a complex of three high-rise buildings, which include a hotel, apartments and offices. The total building area is 235,000 square meters. 

The construction of the complex started in 2007. The construction work was planned to be completed in 2010. But due to unfavorable weather conditions, the construction period was extended until 2012. According to some reports, it was completed in 2013. The Flame Towers complex is one of the most successful symbols to promote Baku. 

  • According to a survey conducted by Skyscrapercity.com (an authoritative forum for urbanism), the Flame Towers rank first in terms of external lighting. The buildings are completely covered with screens to give them an animated look.
  • The process of building the complex was aired on the Build it Bigger program, which is broadcast on Discovery Channel and Science Channel. 
  • The construction cost is estimated at $400 million.  

The Flame Towers has won the category "Best Hotel and Tourism Center" of the MIPIM 2013 competition, the largest innovative project on the European real estate market.