Design is the initial stage of the construction process. Our company pays special attention to this stage, offering proven solutions based on the functionality, safety and energy efficiency of the future facility.

At the design stage, we can provide the most complete and detailed picture of the future building, take into account all the nuances and characteristics, and, most importantly, combine them with the customer's requirements.

The design task is to show future transformations in drawings and diagrams, to think over safety measures. When carrying out the project, the customer's instructions, construction standards, as well as the specific situation of the construction site, are taken into account. 

In conclusion, a construction project was developed, and the construction process is carried out based on this document. The drawings, symbols and designations mentioned in the construction project are understandable to any qualified builder.

Design work begins with the collection of initial data. The geotechnical test report shows the state of soil and groundwater. The topographic plan indicates the features and limitations of the site: red lines, relief, surrounding buildings, underground communications, and green spaces. The technical conditions establish the power consumption and the points of connection to the city networks. The completed project documentation contains several volumes, including special sections on measures to ensure fire safety, environmental protection, and thermal protection of the building.

Design work 

The design of modern buildings and structures begins with the development of preliminary solutions. The draft design consists of site plans, floor plans, sections, perspective drawings and facades.

The customer will receive a complete picture of the future building. Its functional features, location (Master Plan) will be able to assess the architectural perspective of the future building on the ground. We develop projects of varying complexity.

The project documentation includes: 

  • The master plan and transport; 
  • Engineering sections;
  • Technology;
  • Fire-fighting measures;
  • Civil defense and emergency measures;
  • Engineering design of systems;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Construction Project Management (CMP).

Working draft 

In the construction design of buildings, structural solutions depend on technical and economic indicators.

Structural design is based on specific construction conditions, taking into account the materials used.

The design of buildings and facilities is carried out with the maximum reduction in labor intensity and construction costs, taking into account technical solutions and conditions. The construction design of buildings takes into account modern building materials.

Based on the working documentation, the CMP cost is calculated, and an estimate is drawn up. The composition of the section is determined when compiling the task.

Structural design 

Our company offers the design of structures in line with the strictest quality standards:

  • Overpasses and support;
  • Warehouse buildings and premises;
  • Shopping centers and complexes;
  • Sports stadiums and various modern sports facilities;
  • Design of precast concrete structures;
  • Sesign of monolithic structures; 

Design organization 

Design organization is a complex of graphic and textual materials, previously prepared and justified by economic and textual calculations of future industrial enterprises, residential buildings, or their complexes.

Why choose us?    

You can order the construction of any type of building from our company. This will be a very right choice, because our specialists have extensive experience in working on various projects.

We have compiled sets of working documentation for industrial, private, various public facilities, built and reconstructed according to our recommendations. We are responsible for our work and guarantee its high quality.

Entrusting an order to our company, you can rest assured of a successful result!



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