Caspian Water Front Mall

Diler Inshaat CJC has also contributed to the implementation of the Deniz Mall project, which is a new pearl of the Caspian Sea and has a unique architectural concept. As an example of this, we can note the Kinderland Entertainment Center, established inside Deniz Mall.

Some of the materials used in the interior construction of the mall were provided by our company. At the same time, Diler Inshaat CJC was also involved in construction and renovation work carried out at the Kinderland children's entertainment complex inside Deniz Mall. 

The unusual design of Deniz Mall was created by London-based designer Chapman Taylor, inspired by the octagonal star of the Azerbaijani coat of arms.

It should be noted that this building was originally intended as a congress center, a venue for events and weddings. But during this period, the Heydar Aliyev Center and the Baku Congress Center were commissioned. As a result, the project’s customers decided to design it as a traditional shopping center. 

With its unique architectural concept, Deniz Mall will host brands such as Casa Culinary Art School of Azerbaijan, Beverly Hills and Chill Box, Big Chef, TGI Friday, Dine Hall, Kinderland for the first time in Azerbaijan, along with several well-known brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Swarovski, Pandora, Paul, Go Sport, Alma Store, LVIV Handmade Chocolate, CinemaPlus.


Kinderland is a 5,000 m² scaled replica of a real city with streets, shops, transportation and its own currency. It is carefully adapted for children aged 4-14 and combines entertainment and education, with over 60 real-life activities.

Kinderland, Azerbaijan’s first educational and entertainment park, is like a small version of Baku. In Kinderland, kids learn by playing. Learning becomes permanent once it is experienced. We are the perfect place for kids to learn by role-playing and experiencing a little, of real life. 

All professions in the mini-city are tied to the brands of our partners in Kinderland - the largest brands of Azerbaijan and World companies. Here, kids from ages 4- to 14 experience more than 60 professions. They can become anything from a doctor, fireman, scientist, actor to travel agent. We are happy for this project to be meeting all the kids of Azerbaijan.