Construction of buildings and various structures is the main and successful activity of the Diler Inshaat CJC. The company, which specializes in the construction of apartments and various facilities in Baku, also provides design services and acts as a general contractor. Moreover, Diler Inshaat CJC carries out the construction and turnkey repairs of buildings and houses both in Azerbaijan and abroad. 

The wide range of our construction services include: 

  • General contract-based construction works;
  • Installation and construction works for the construction of buildings for various purposes
  • All types of repair and construction works; 
  • Renovation and reconstruction of buildings for various purposes; 
  • Installation of ventilated hinged facades;
  • Turnkey reconstruction; 
  • All types of finishing works; 
  • Various waterproofing works; 
  • Landscaping of surrounding areas (including playgrounds, terraces, sidewalks); 
  • Fulfillment of a full range of finishing, construction and repair works during the construction, reconstruction and renovation of various buildings, individual houses and apartments, office premises, etc.

A fully modern, high-quality management system ensures the implementation of all construction works at the highest level. Thanks to this system, we guarantee the high quality of buildings and other structures built, repaired, or reconstructed by our company. During the construction of buildings and other structures, the relevant documentation process (work logs, acts, executive schemes, certificates and passports for materials and equipment) is carried out by our company. We also enjoy the experience of working in dense urban areas. 

All works performed by our company (construction and installation works, installation of internal and external engineering systems, finishing works) are provided with warranty obligations. Modern materials certified by relevant quality certificates are used during the work process. 

Advantages of our activities: 

  • The construction of buildings and structures is our main activity. We are ready to carry out any work, from laying the foundation to the commissioning of any facility;
  • We have an extensive technical base that allows performing various finishing works of any complexity. Completion of finishing works is a separate area of our activity, which is quite popular;
  • The construction of buildings and various structures is carried out in accordance with the requirements of existing regulations and legislation. The process of registering property after construction is very simple;
  • We meet the deadlines in the best possible way, since we value the trust of our clients.

Construction of monolithic buildings 

The construction of buildings and structures, in addition to the construction of buildings based on light metal structures, also includes the construction of monolithic buildings. The higher efficiency of monolithic structures is noticeable during both reconstruction and repair works.

Construction of industrial buildings     

The construction of monolithic industrial buildings is carried out in several stages. Installation works are carried out at the construction site in accordance with the contours of the walls, columns and other elements of the future building. A frame made of reinforcement is installed in the formwork and concrete is poured. The construction of monolithic industrial buildings has recently become increasingly popular. The rigidity of the frame formed during monolithic construction is very high. The ability to manufacture formwork of various shapes makes it possible to implement various architectural works. This method is used for the construction of both industrial and administrative and residential buildings. Reinforced concrete structures are installed during the construction of sports facilities. As the construction of industrial buildings is a complex process, it is recommended to entrust this work to specialists. 

Our company is constantly developing the construction of industrial buildings, which is a complex construction method. Today, we can offer our customers a full range of services such as prefabricated modular buildings, prefabricated structures, warehouses and module construction.

Construction of office buildings 

The construction of office buildings is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, the construction of buildings of this type is one of the pre-fabricated structures. The construction of office buildings is based on the use of modern technologies such as layer-by-layer assembly, assembly by sandwich panels, modular construction. The construction of office buildings includes a complex of design works, an inspection of the level of execution of tasks and interior design. 

Construction of residential buildings 

The construction of residential buildings requires careful compliance with legal requirements. We offer complex construction of residential buildings, design and development of working documentation, as well as provision of support during the commissioning of any facility. Our experience allows us to efficiently and quickly construct residential buildings, both designed for one family and full-fledged apartment buildings. 

The construction of buildings is a very complex and responsible process, which must be taken seriously. Therefore, all work should be carried out only by highly qualified specialists.

Repair and construction work

Repair and construction work has also become very popular recently. These include refurbishment of building facades and interior renovations, often involving interior redevelopment. This is especially true for public buildings, such as various shopping centers and administrative buildings, where repair and construction work must be carried out without fail.

Construction of high-rise buildings 

Unlike other types of construction, the construction of high-rise buildings, especially residential buildings, is actively underway. The construction of high-rise buildings allows placing the maximum number of residential apartments on a small land area, which is very important with the rapid growth of the urban population.

Why choose us?

You can order the construction of any type of building from our company. This will be a very right choice, because our specialists have extensive experience in working on various projects.

We have compiled sets of working documentation for industrial, private, various public facilities, built and reconstructed according to our recommendations. We are responsible for our work and guarantee its high quality.

Entrusting an order to our company, you can rest assured of a successful result!



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