Drywall panel (GKL)

  • Shockproof Shockproof
  • Sound absorber Sound absorber
  • Energy saving Energy saving

KNAUF-board (GKL) - ordinary gypsum plasterboard (GKL). It is a construction and finishing material for wall cladding, installation of partitions, suspended ceilings, as well as the manufacture of decorative and soundproof products.


Knauf gypsum plasterboard (GKL) 

It is used in the construction of interior lightweight partitions, suspended ceilings, wall cladding and refractory structures.  

  •  board color – gray 
  •  marking color – blue 

Edge type 

  •  NK – thinned edge 
  •  NYK - thinned semicircular edge 
  •  DK – straight edge 

Size - mm

  •  2500x1200x9.5
  •  2500x1200x12.5
  •  2500x1200x15


  •  GOST 6266-97
  •  GOST 6266-97
  •  GOST 6266-97


  •  Pallet, 59 boards (177 m2)
  •  Without thermal film 
  •  With thermal film
  •  Pallet, 49 boards (147 m2)
  •  Without thermal film
  •  With thermal film
  •  Pallet, 39 boards (117 m2)
  •  Without thermal film
  •  With thermal film 

Knauf - gypsum plasterboard (GKL) has a rectangular shape and consists of two layers of special cardboard with gypsum mortar with reinforcing additives among themselves, while the side edges of the strip are folded with the edges of the cardboard (face layer). These gypsum plasterboards are manufactured with different edges. The main ones are: straight (DK), thinned (NK), thinned semicircular from the front side (NYK).

To form the core, Q4-brand gypsum binders are used in accordance with GOST 125-79. Another important component of KNAUF-gypsum plasterboards (GKL) is the facing cardboard, which is attached to the core using adhesives. Cardboard plays the role of both a reinforcing frame and an excellent base for applying any finishing material (plaster, wallpaper, paint, ceramic tiles, etc.). In terms of its physical and hygienic properties, cardboard is ideal for residential buildings. 

Knauf gypsum plasterboards (GKL) are manufactured in accordance with GOST 6266-97 and meets German standards (DIN 18 180).