Shusha Hotel and Conference Hall

The liberation of the city of Shusha, which is the crown of Karabakh, is the peak of our historical victory and the end of 30 years of longing. Conveying the past of free Shusha, which is a source of national pride and pride for every Azerbaijani, to the young generation is one of the important tasks facing our educational institutions and every educational worker. Restoration and construction works to restore the historical appearance of the city of Shusha, return to its former glory and return to its traditional full cultural life. continues rapidly. In ancient times, Shusha was one of the main junctions of the Great Silk Road. He maintained direct trade relations with European and Eastern cities. Caravanserai were built to store goods brought by merchants who came and went from these cities.

Based on the caravanserai concept, the 5-star "Hotel and Congress Center" located in the center of Shusha, on "Zafar road", was designed with a synthesis of modern and national architectural styles.


The center covers an area of ​​2.8 hectares. Ornamental compositions and national architectural elements have been applied in its exterior, which reflects architectural traditions. Local stone used in the construction of historical buildings of Shusha was also used in the facade. In addition, the balconies, north and south facades of the center are made of wooden materials used in the construction of traditional architectural structures, Shusha's historical buildings - Zohrabbeyov's house from the 19th century, Uzeyir Hajibeyov's house-museum. The "Hotel and Conference Center" consisting of five floors and 150 rooms has rooms, restaurants, conference buildings, and inner courtyards.

"Shusha Hotel and Conference Center" project also has the contribution of "Diler İnshaat" company. The interior repair and decoration works of the project were done by Diler Construction JSC.